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The Attic

The attic is a virtual space where old books go to eke out their meagre pensions when their children don't want them at home any more.

Medievalbookshop is designed for you to browse at leisure and discover all those old titles that you hadn't realised you can't live without. You can navigate in two ways. The easiest is to use the set of scrollbars that you should see at the bottom of every page in the attic. You need to have javascript switched on in your browser before these can work, so there is also a complete set of static links at the bottom of every page (just in case).

Books in the attic are listed by author, and have been lovingly tidied into primary and secondary sources, though some that don't fit comfortably into either of those have found a home in the "Medievalism" section.

For Primary sources, books are listed alphabetically by author or artist where one is known, though the method isn't consistent (for example, anything in stock by Dante Alighieri is under D, Matthew Paris or Peter of Blois under P, John of Salisbury under S - you get the idea). Anonymous works and anthologies are listed on separate pages, and there's another page for facsimiles and art works (artists are listed alphabetically with authors if their names are known).

Secondary sources are listed alphabetically by author or editor. Works without a named author and reference books are listed on separate pages, and there is another sub-section for Journals and other serials or partworks.

A Browse by subject option is available, with new pages added on a regular basis. There are also options to browse by publisher, by series, and by language.

See the book descriptions page for explanations of the cataloguing criteria used in the listings, and the "how to find what you're looking for" page, for additional tips on searching.

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