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This page lists titles of series that are in stock. Each one links to an individual page listing any available volumes.

This section of the site is an ongoing project and some series are not yet listed here, so if the one you're looking for isn't listed on this page, please use the search box at the top of the green navigation bar to seek specific titles. Journals and partwork magazines are listed in a separate section of the site.

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Access to History

Ancient Peoples and Places (Thames & Hudson)

Anglo-Norman Text Society

The Antiquary's Books

Architectural Guides for Travellers

Art and Imagination (Thames and Hudson)

Arthurian Studies (Boydell & Brewer)

Bell's Cathedral Guides

Blackwell's French Texts

Blackwell's German Texts

Bodleian Picture Books

Borthwick Institute

Brief Histories (Constable & Robinson)

British History in Perspective (Palgrave/Macmillan)

British Legal History Conference Proceedings

Buildings of England (aka Pevsner)

Butler's Lives of the Saints

Cambridge Histories (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Manuals of Science & Literature (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Medieval Classics (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Medieval Textbooks (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature (Cambridge U.P.)

Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought (Cambridge U.P.)

Camden Series (Royal Historical Society)

Chaucer Studies (Boydell & Brewer)

Cistercian Studies

Clarendon Biographies (Oxford U.P.)

Clarendon Medieval & Tudor Series

Classics of Western Spirituality

Classiques français du moyen âge

Collected Studies (Variorum/Ashgate)

Companions (D. S. Brewer)

Companion Guides

Complete Library of World Art

Constable Guides

Corpus Christianorum

Critical Guides to French Texts (Grant and Cutler)

The Critical Heritage (Routledge)

Department of English Local History, Occasional Papers (Leicester U.P.)

Department of Environment Official Handbooks/Guidebooks

Discovering Series (Shire)

Early English Text Society

English Episcopal Acta

English Heritage series (Batsford)

English Monarchs


Everyman Art Library (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

Exeter Medieval English Texts and Studies

Faber Library of Illuminated Manuscripts

Figurae: Reading Medieval Culture

Fontana Library

Fontana Unesco Art Books

Fonti per la storia della terraferma Veneta

Ford Lectures

Fortress (Osprey)

Fyfield Books (Carcanet)

Garland Reference Library of the Humanities

Great Books of the Western World (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Great Medieval Thinkers (Oxford U.P.)

Headstart History Papers

Helps for Students of History

Historical Association pamphlets

Historical Problems: Sources and Documents

History and Literature (Blandford)

Home University Library

Horrible Histories

Hutchinson's University Library

Interpreting the Past

I Tatti Renaissance Library

King Penguin

Kings and Queens of England (aka Life and Times)

Lancaster Pamphlets (Methuen and Routledge)

Landmarks of World Literature (Cambridge U.P.)

Library of Liberal Arts

Library of Medieval Civilization (Thames and Hudson)

Library of Medieval Women (Boydell & Brewer)

Life and Times (aka Kings & Queens of England)

Literature in Context (Manchester U.P.)

Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

Manchester Medieval Sources

Manchester Medieval Studies

Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching (Toronto U.P.)

Medieval Cultures (Minnesota U.P.)

The Medieval World (Longman)

Medium Ævum Monographs

Men-at-Arms (Osprey)

Methuen's Old English Library

The Middle Ages (Pennsylvania U.P.)

Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH)

Nelson's Medieval Classics/Nelson's Medieval Texts

New Horizons (Thames & Hudson)

New Middle Ages (Garland/Palgrave Macmillan)

New Oxford History of England

New Studies in Medieval History (Macmillan/Palgrave)

Old and Middle English Texts (Manchester U.P.)

Orbis Pictus

Oxford English Monographs

Oxford Historical Monographs

Oxford History of England

Pages From History (Sunday Times)

Parallax: Re-Visions of Culture and Society (Johns Hopkins U.P.)

Past Masters (Oxford U.P.)

Patrologia Latinae/Patrologia Grecae

Pelican Books

Pelican History of Art

Penguin Classics

Penguin Critical Anthologies

Pictorial Library of Eastern Church Art (Bongers)

Piers Plowman Studies (Boydell & Brewer)

Problems in European Civilization

Raleigh Lectures on History (British Academy)

Reading the Past (British Museum)

Records of Western Civilization (Columbia U.P.)

Regents Studies in Medieval Culture (Nebraska U.P.)

Regional History of England (Longman)

Rolls Series

The Saints in Legend and Art (Aurel Bongers)

Scottish Text Society

Selden Society

Seminar Studies in History (Longman)

Shire Archaeology

Sources of History: Studies in the use of Historical Evidence

The Stewart Dynasty in Scotland

Studies in the Early History of Britain (Leicester U.P.)

Style and Civilization (Penguin)

The Taste Of Our Time (Skira)

Teach Yourself books

Then and There

Toronto Medieval Bibliographies

Translated Texts for Historians

Travellers series (Longman)

Universal-Bibliothek (Philipp Reclam)

University Paperbacks (Methuen)

Variorum Collected Studies (Ashgate)

Very Short Introductions (Oxford U.P.)

Warfare in History (Boydell)

Werkmonographien zur Bildenden Kunst (Reclam)

What They Don't Tell You (Hodder Childrens' Books)

Wiles Lectures (Cambridge U.P.)

Wisdom Of… (Lion Publishing)

Wonders of the World (Profile Books)

World's Classics (Oxford U.P.)

World of Art (Thames & Hudson)

World University Library

Writers and their Work

York Manuscripts Conferences: Proceedings Series

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