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[No Author].
Arundel: The Gem of Sussex. (pb) £5.00

[No Author].
Assisi, the Franciscan Holy of Holies and its Mediæval Art: A handbook for students and travellers with 105 illustrations. (pb) £3.00

[No author]
La Basilica di S. Ambrogio. (pb) £6.50

[No author].
Bruges and its Beauties. (pb) £5.00

[No Author]. A Guide to Glastonbury and its Abbey: A Short History of the Abbey Ruins and other Notable Buildings; together with Ground Plan. (pb) £2.50

[No author listed].
The Life and Times of William I: An Illustrated Guide to Places of Interest. (pb) £6.50

[No author].
The Life and Times of Richard III: An illustrated guide to places of interest. (pb) £3.50

[No author].
The Life and Times of Henry VII: An Illustrated Guide to Places of Interest. (pb) £4.00

[No author]
The Official Maldon Town Guide. (pb) £3.00

[No Author].
The Paston Way: an unhurried perambulation encompassing 16 of Norfolk's beautiful churches. (pb) £1.50

[No author].
The Place Names of Skye: A Visitors Guide. (pb) £4.00

[No author]
Pilgrim's Guide to the City of Canterbury: The Official Guide and Historical Record. (pb) £2.50

[No author].
The Popes' Palace, Avignon: Visitors' Guide. (pb) £3.00

[No author].
Saint Michael and All Angels, Stewkley, Buckinghamshire. (pb) £2.00

[No Author].
St. Nicholas Parish Church, Arundel: Buildings before 1380;
Arundel Parish Church, 1380-1480
. (paper leaflets) £1.00

[No author].
St. Peter's Church, Goldhanger: An Early Norman Church by the Blackwater Estuary. (pb) £2.50

[No Author].
365 Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals: Official Tourist Board Guide. (pb, 2008 edn.) £1.00
365 Historic Houses and Castles: Official Tourist Board Guide. (pb, 2008 edn.) £1.00

[No Author].
A walk round a Saxon church: Holy Trinity Church, Bosham. (leaflet) £2.50

Myrtali Acheimastou-Potamianou
Mystras: Historical and Archaeological Guide. (pb) £12.00

Malcolm Airs
The Buildings of Britain: Tudor and Jacobean, A Guide and Gazetteer. (pb) £8.00

Gabriel Alington
Borderlands: History & Romance of the Herefordshire Marches; illustrations by Dominic Harbour. (pb) £2.50

Geoffrey Ashe
A Guidebook to Arthurian Britain. (hb) £5.00

Patrick Ashmore
Jarlshof: A Walk through the Past. (pb) £5.00

Marcel Aubert and Pierre Morel
Mont Saint-Michel: The Abbey; Visitor's Guide. (hb) £4.00

W. St. Clair Baddeley
Hailes Abbey: A Property of the National Trust. (pb) £4.00

Roberto Bartolini
Florence [revised edition of "Florence and its Hills"]. (pb) £2.50

Darrell Bates
The Companion Guide to Devon and Cornwall. (hb) £5.00

John Bate
Lanterns for the Dead: The Medieval Lanternes des Morts of Central and South-West France. (hb) £20.00

Patricia Beer; photographs by Fay Godwin
Wessex: A National Trust Book. (hb) £5.00 

Abbé Georges Bernès, Georges Veron, Louis Laborde Balen
The Pilgrim Route to Compostela in Search of St. James: A Practical Guide for Pilgrims and Walkers in Spain. (pb) £6.00

Vivian Bird
Warwickshire. (hb) £2.50

Janet & Colin Bord
Mysterious Britain. (pb) £3.50

Frank Bottomley
The Explorer's Guide to the Abbeys, Monasteries and Churches of Great Britain. (hb) £6.00

Sir Harold Brakspear
Battle Abbey: An Illustrated Historical Sketch. (pb) £1.00

Richard Briers
English Country Churches. (pb) £4.50

Simon Brighton
In Search of the Knights Templar: A Guide to the Sites in Britain. (hb) £6.50
In Search of the Knights Templar: A Guide to the Sites of Britain. (pb) £6.50

Ian Broad & Bride Rosney
Medieval Dublin: Two Historic Walks. (pb) £5.00

J. A. Brooks
Britain's Haunted Heritage. (hb) £7.50

R. Allen Brown
Castles from the Air. (hb) £15.00
Dover Castle, Kent. (pb) £2.50

Michael Busselle
Castles in Spain: A Traveller's Guide featuring the National Parador Inns. (hb) £8.00

Peter Caine
The Definitive Guide to the Da Vinci Code Paris Walks. (pb) £4.00

Luciano Canonici
The Land of Saint Francis: Umbria and its Surroundings. (pb) £12.50

Robert A. Carter
A Visitor's Guide to Yorkshire Churches. (pb) £2.50

H. W. Catling, rev.
Notes on Brass-Rubbing, with a list of some brasses in the Oxford region, 6th edn. (pb) £2.50

Russell Chamberlin
Carisbrooke Castle. (pb) £2.50

David Clark
Battlefield Walks: The Midlands. (pb) £4.50
Battlefield Walks: The South. (pb) £4.00

Paul and Tessa Clowney
Exploring Churches: A Guide to Churches, Cathedrals and Abbeys. (pb) £2.50

Glyn Coppack and Peter Fergusson
Rievaulx Abbey. (pb) £1.50

O. E. Craster
Tintern Abbey, Gwent/Abaty Tyndryn; 2nd edn. (pb) £3.50

R. A. Croft and D. C. Mynard
A Guide to the Medieval Landscape of Milton Keynes. (pb) £4.00

Martin Davidson
A Visitor's Guide to A History of Britain: Locations from the TV series. (pb) 7.50

Dewi Davies
Welsh Place-Names and their Meanings. (pb) £1.00

Paul R. Davies and Susan Lloyd-Fern
Lost Churches of Wales and the Marches. (pb) £10.00

P. Théophile Desbonnets
Assisi, in the Footsteps of Saint Francis: A Spiritual Guidebook; 2nd edn. (pb) £3.00

Patricia Dirsztay
Church Furnishings: A NADFAS Guide. (pb) £3.00

Fran And Geoff Doel, Terry Lloyd
Worlds of Arthur: King Arthur in History, Legend and Culture (includes gazetteer). (pb) £5.00

Wyn Evans and Roger Worsley
Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi/St. Davids Cathedral 1181-1981/La Cathedrale de St. Davids/St. Davis Kathedrale. (hb) £7.00

Richard Fawcett, David McRoberts, Fiona Stewart
Inchcolm Abbey and Island. (pb) £3.00

James Forde-Johnston
Great Medieval Castles of Britain. (hb) £6.00
A Guide to the Castles of England and Wales. (hb) £8.00

Joan Forman
Haunted royal Homes. (hb) £6.00

Mario Franchi
Santa Croce: The Church, The Cloisters and the Museum. (pb) £3.00

Alan Franklin
May I Show You Round Ely Cathedral? (pb) £3.00

J. W. Franklin
The Cathedrals of Italy. (hb) £4.00

R. Gilyard-Beer
Cleeve Abbey, Somerset. (pb) £3.50

Stefano Giordano
The Splendour of Monreale. (pb) £12.50

Mark Girouard
Old Wardour Castle. (pb) £1.50

Anthony Goodman; photographs by Michael Cyprien
A Traveller's Guide to Early Medieval Britain. (hb) £4.00

Godfrey Goodwin
Islamic Spain. (pb) £5.00

Howard Green
The Battlefields of Britain and Ireland. (hb) £5.00

Marian Green
A Harvest of Festivals. (hb) £9.00

Donald Gregory
Wales Before 1066 - A Guide. (pb) £2.50
Wales Before 1536 - A Guide. (pb) £3.00

Edward Grierson
The Companion Guide to Northumbria. (pb) £4.00

J. R. C. Hamilton
Jarlshof, Shetland. (pb) £1.50

Muriel Hammond
Castles of Britain, 3: Wales and Northern Ireland. (hb) £2.50

Des Hannigan
Offa's Dyke (South) and the River Wye Valley. (pb) £3.00

Clive Hardy
Francis Frith's Scottish Castles: Photographic Memories. (pb) £6.50

Lord Harlech
Ancient Monuments: East Anglia and the Midlands. (hb) £4.00

Paul Hetherington
Byzantine and Medieval Greece: Churches, Castles and Art of the Mainland and Peloponnese. (hb) £10.00

Florence Higham, intro.
Cathedral Church of St. Saviour & St. Mary Ovarie, Southwark. (pb) £4.00

Thomas Hinde, ed.
The Domesday Book: England's Heritage, Now and Then. (hb) £10.00

Étienne Houvet
An Illustrated Monograph of Chartres Cathedral. (pb) £8.50

M. V. Hughes
The City Saints. (hb) £10.00

Robert Jackson
Dark Age Britain: What to See and Where. (hb) £10.00

Deborah Jaffé
What's Left of Henry VIII. (pb) £3.00

Richard Jenkyns
Westminster Abbey. (hb) £8.50

Michael Jenner
Journeys into Medieval England. (hb) £8.00
Journeys into Medieval England. (pb) £6.00

Paul Johnson
The National Trust Book of British Castles. (hb) £4.00

Duncan Jones and Alison L. Rae
A Wee Guide to Robert the Bruce. (pb) £2.00

Jonathan Keates
Canterbury Cathedral: Official Cathedral Publication; photos Angelo Hornak. (pb) £2.00

Anthony Kemp
Castles in Colour. (hb) £5.00

A. F. Kendrick
The Cathedral Church of Lincoln: A History & Description of its Fabric and a List of the Bishops. (hb, Bell's Cathedral Series) £6.00

John R. Kenyon
Raglan Castle; rev. edn. (pb) £2.00

Nigel & Mary Kerr
A Guide to Anglo-Saxon Sites. (pb) £6.50
A Guide to Medieval Sites in Britain. (hb) £8.00
A Guide to Norman Sites in Britain. (pb) £5.00

Jeremy Knight
Chepstow Castle and Port Wall; Runston Church; Chepstow Bulwarks Camp; revised edn. (pb) £3.00

Elias Kollias
The Knights of Rhodes: The Palace and the City. (pb) £3.00

Lloyd and Jennifer Laing
A Guide to the Dark Age Remains in Britain. (hb) £6.00

Osbert Lancaster
Sailing to Byzantium: An Architectural Companion. (hb) £14.50

Brendan Lehane
The Companion Guide to Ireland. (hb) £6.50

Sue Le' Queux
Haunted Bristol. (pb) £3.50

Pietro Lievore, ed.
Padua, Baptistery of the Cathedral: Frescoes by Giusto De' Menabuoi (XIV c.), 2nd edn. (pb) £8.00

Maurice Lindsay
The Castles of Scotland. (hb) £9.50

M. J. H. Liversidge
The Fourteenth Century Decorated Ceiling in St. Helen's, Abingdon. (pb) £6.50

Tom McNeill
English Heritage Book of Castles. (hb) £15.00
English Heritage Book of Castles. (pb) £9.50

Anne McPherson
Walking to the Saints: A Little Pilgrimage in France. (pb) £6.00

Sir Philip and Lady Magnus-Allcroft
Stokesay Castle, Shropshire. (pb) £1.50

Conleth Manning
Clonmacnoise. (pb) £5.00

Martin Mason and Malcolm Sanders
The City Companion. (hb) £6.50

Mary Mauchline
(w/ Lydia Greeves): Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal, North Yorkshire. (pb) £2.50
(w/ Duff Hart-Davis & Hugh Meller): Buckland Abbey, Devon. (pb) £6.50

Donald Maxwell
The Pilgrim's Way in Kent. (pb) £7.50

Arthur Mee
Lincoln. (pb) £6.00
York. (pb) £4.50

Malcolm Miller
Chartres Cathedral. (hb) £3.50
Chartres Cathedral: The Medieval Stained Glass & Sculpture. (pb) £3.00

Mark Morris
Domesday Revisited: A Traveller's Guide. (hb) £8.50

Catherine Morton
Bodiam Castle, Sussex. (pb) £2.50

Richard Muir
The National Trust Guide to Dark Age and Medieval Britain 400-1350. (hb) £8.00

Michael Müller-Wille
Mittelalterliche Burghügel (»Motten«) im Nördlichen Rheinland. (hb) £15.00

Julian Munby and Henry Summerson
Stokesay Castle, Shropshire. (pb) £1.50

Nigel Nicolson and Edward Fawcett
Ightham Mote, Kent. (pb) £4.50

J. G. Noppen, rev. S. E. Rigold
The Chapter House, Westminster Abbey. (pb) £3.00

A. W. Oxford
Guide to Fountains Abbey. (pb) £4.00

B. M. Pande
Qutb Minar and its Monuments. (hb) £7.50

Kathleen Parbury
Women of Grace: A Biographical Dictionary of British Women Saints, Martyrs and Reformers. (hb) £5.00

Arno Parík and Pavel Stecha
The Jewish Town of Prague. (pb) £4.50

Sir Charles Peers
Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight. (pb) £3.50

John Clifford Perks
Chepstow Castle, Monmouthshire; 2nd edn. (pb) £3.50

Ellis Peters
Strongholds and Sanctuaries: The Borderland of England and Wales; photos Roy Morgan. (pb) £4.00

Adrian Pettifer
English Castles: A Guide by Counties. (hb) £6.00

David Piper
London: An Illustrated Companion Guide. (hb) £6.50

Mary Pittaluga
The Sistine Chapel. (pb) £3.50

Colin Platt
The National Trust Guide to Late Medieval and Renaissance Britain, from the Black Death to the Civil War. (hb) £15.00
The Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: Eight Tours for the Weekend & the Short Break. (hb) £3.00
The Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: Eight Tours for the Weekend & the Short Break. (pb) £3.50

Enrica Pozzi, gen. ed.
The National Archaeological Museum, Naples. (pb) £5.00

R. B. Pugh and A. D. Saunders
Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire. (pb) £3.00

William Purcell
Pilgrim's England. (hb) £9.50

Henri Queffélec, photographs by Vincent Robert
Bretagne. (hb) £4.50

Richard Quick, ed.
Discover Norman Britain: Nine Norman Heritage Trails. (pb) £2.00

F. J. E. Raby and P. K. Baillie Reynolds
Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk; 2nd edn. (pb) £1.50

Bernard Rackham
The Stained Glass Windows of Canterbury Cathedral: A Guide for Visitors and Students. (pb) £8.50

C. A. Ralegh Radford
The Bishop's Palace, St. David's, Pembrokeshire, 2nd edn. (pb) £2.50
The Early Christian and Norse Settlements at Birsay. (pb) £3.00
Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. (pb) £3.50

Filippo Raffaelli and Fabio Raffaelli
Passegiate in Toscana e Umbria: Una scelta di itineri inconsueti per capire la terra dei Medici e dei Lorena, spaziando nella vicina patria dei santi e capitani di ventura. Tra storia e curiosità, due regioni ricche di suggestivi paessaggi e tradizioni gastronomiche. (hb) £8.50

Jack Ravensdale
In the Steps of Chaucer's Pilgrims: From Southwark to Canterbury from the Air and on Foot. (hb) £6.00

John E. Ray
Hastings Castle. (pb) £4.00

Derek Renn
Framlingham and Orford Castles. (pb) £2.00

J. S. Richardson and Marguerite Wood; rev. C. J. Tabraham
Melrose Abbey. (pb) £2.50

Anna and Graham Ritchie
Scotland: An Oxford Archaeological Guide. (pb) £11.50

H. Ernest Roberts
Notes on the Medieval Monasteries and Minsters of England and Wales. (hb) £12.50

Nesta Roberts
The Companion Guide to Normandy. (pb) £5.00

David M. Robinson and Colin Platt
Strata Florida Abbey/Talley Abbey. (pb) £4.00

Anna Maria Roda and Barbara Lizzeri, eds.
Cattedrali di Fede: Guida alle Cattedrali Lombarde/Cathedrals of Faith: Lombard Cathedrals Guide. (pb) £3.00

The Earl of Rosslyn
Rosslyn Chapel. (pb) £4.50

Charles Sarazin
Reims. (pb) £3.50

Magnolia Scudieri
Museum of San Marco: The Official Guide. (pb) £2.50

Alastair Service
The Buildings of Britain: Anglo-Saxon and Norman, A Guide and Gazetteer. (hb) £3.50
The Buildings of Britain: Anglo-Saxon and Norman, A Guide and Gazetteer. (pb) £3.00

Mick Sharp
The Way and the Light: An Illustrated Guide to the Saints and Holy Places of Britain. (pb) £8.50

Donn Small, ed.
Explore the New Forest. (pb) £6.00

David Spurr
Devon Churches, Vol. 1: Bideford, Barnstaple & Hartland Peninsula. (pb) £4.00

Joanna Story
Lindisfarne Priory. (pb) £2.50

David & Fiona Sturdy
Historic Monuments of England & Wales. (hb) £4.00.

Henry Summerson
Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland. (pb) £1.50

Chris Tabraham and Fiona Stewart
Urquhart Castle: The Official Souvenir Guide. (pb) £1.50

Rob Talbot & Robin Whiteman
Cadfael Country: Shropshire & the Welsh Border; intro. Ellis Peters. (hb) £15.00

A. J. Taylor
The Jewel Tower, Westminster: Dept of Environment Official Handbook. (pb) £3.00

Arnold Taylor
Beaumaris Castle; 5th edn. (pb) £3.00

David Thackray
Corfe Castle, Dorset. (pb) £3.50

A. Hamilton Thompson
Lindisfarne Priory, Northumberland. (pb) £2.00

Arthur Huxley Thomson
The Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter: Its History, Its Mediaeval Glass, Its Treasures, Its Customs. (pb) £2.50

Richard Tilbrook
Buckfast Abbey. (pb) £2.00

John Timpson
Timpson's Leylines: A Layman Tracking the Leys; photos by Derry Brabbs. (hb) £4.00

Giuliana Todini and Nicola Vox, eds.
The Medieval Rome. (pb) £3.00

Piero Torriti, ed.
Pienza: citta' del Rinascimento. (pb) £4.00

Shirley Toulson
Celtic Journeys in Scotland and the North of England. (pb) £2.00

A. P. Trevor et al
Penrhyn Castle, Gwynedd. (pb) £4.50

Bob Trubshaw
Ancient Crosses of Leicestershire and Rutland. (pb) £7.00

Barbara Carpenter Turner
City of Winchester: The Ancient Capital of England. (pb) £3.00

Christopher Turner
London Churches Step by Step. (hb) £7.00

Vallombrosan Benedictine Monks of Saint Apollinare in Classe; rev. Vanda Frattini Godoni
Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe: Illustrated Art Guide. (pb) £4.50

Rosella Vantaggi
Siena, Town of Art. (pb) £5.00

John Vince
Discovering Saints in Britain, 3rd edn. (pb) £2.50
Discovering Watermills, 5th edn. (pb) £2.00

Michael Watson and Chris Musson
Shropshire from the Air: Man and the Landscape. (pb) £8.00

Albert E. Webb
Glastonbury Abbey: A Hasty Story of the Abbey and a Descriptive Guide to the Abbey Ruins. (pb) £6.50

John West
Our Norman Heritage. (pb) £3.50

J. W. Whiston
Croxall, Staffs. - An Air Photograph of a Deserted Medieval Village. (pb) £4.50

Meadows White
Westminster Abbey; photographs by Derrick L. Sayer. (hb) £5.00

Jeffery W. Whitelaw
Hertfordshire Churches and Other Places of Worship. (pb) £3.50

Arthur Whittingham
Norwich Cathedral Bosses and Misericords. (pb) £4.50

Joy Wilson
Tristan and Iseult: A Cornish Love Story. (pb) £2.50

Roger J. A. Wilson
A Guide to the Roman Remains in Britain, 3rd edn. (hb) £5.00

Hartley Withers
The Cathedral Church of Canterbury: A Description of its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcopal See, 3rd edn. (hb, Bell's Cathedral Series) £6.00

Geoffrey N. Wright
Discovering Abbeys and Priories. (pb) £2.50

Alan Young and Michael Stead
In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce. (hb) £4.00

Books & journals containing related material

M. W. Beresford and J. K. S. St. Joseph
Medieval England: An Aerial Survey; 2nd edn. (hb) £4.00

Olivier Chaline
The Old Market Square and the Martyrdom of Joan of Arc. (pb) £2.00

Malcolm Norris and Michael Kellett
Your Book of Brasses. (hb) £3.00

W. Norman Paul
Enjoying Old Parish Churches, Vol. 1. (hb) 18.50

Paul White
King Arthur: Man or Myth? 2nd edn. (pb) £1.50

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