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[Advent; aka Christ I]: The Old English Advent: A Typological Commentary; ed. Robert B. Burlin. (hb) £14.50

The Akathistos Hymn …  on the Occasion of the Deliverance of Constantinople from the Barbarians, A.D. 626; tr. Vincent McNabb. (hb) £10.00

Ami and Amile: A Medieval Tale of Friendship, translated fom the Old French; tr. Samuel N. Rosenberg and Samuel Danon. (pb) £8.50

Ancrene Wisse/Ancrene Riwle

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Arabian Nights
Three Tales from the Arabian Nights; Malcolm C. Lyons with Ursula Lyons, trans. (hb) £5.00

Athelston: A Middle English Romance; A. McI. Trounce, ed. (hb) £7.00

Aucassin et Nicolette




Le Bone Florence of Rome. Carol Falvo Heffernan, ed. (hb) £8.00

The Book of Concealed Mystery; tr. S. L. MacGregor Mathers. (hb) £3.50

Brenhinedd y Saesson, or The Kings of the Saxons; Thomas Jones, ed. (hb) £35.00

[Buile Suibhne]: Seamus Heaney. Sweeney Astray. (pb) £4.50

Carmen de Gestis Frederici I. Imperatoris in Lombardia.
Irene Schmale-Ott, ed. (hb) £25.00

Cearbhall and Fearbhlaidh, Romance of. James E. Doan, trans. (hb) £10.00


Chanson de Roland

[Chester Cycle]:
The Chester Mystery Plays; Maurice Hussey, ed.  (hb) £6.50

[Christ I]: The Old English Advent: A Typological Commentary; ed.. Robert B. Burlin. (hb) £14.50

Chronicon Moguntinum. Carolus Hegel, ed. (hb) £15.00

'Cloud Author'

Columbus in Italy: An Italian Versification of the Letter on the Discovery of the New World. Martin Davies, trans. (pb) £6.00

Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, 5: Dover Priory; William P. Stoneman, ed.. (hb) £35.00

Curial and Guelfa, translated from the Catalan. Pamela Waley, trans. (hb) £8.50

Cursor Mundi: Part VI, Preface, Notes, and Glossary. Richard Morris. (pb) £7.50

The Curzon Gospel: Annotated Edition and Linguistic & Textual Introduction. Cynthia Vakareliyska, ed.  (hb) 2-vol set for £150.00

De Gestis Herwardi Saxonis
Hereward of the Fens: The Battle of Ely and involvement of Peterborough and Ely Monasteries; Trevor Bevis. (pb) £5.00

Deidis of Armorie: A Heraldic Treatise & Bestiary; ed. L. A. J. R. Houwen. (hb) Two vols for £22.00

Domesday Book

Estampies Françaises; Walter O. Streng-Renkonen, ed. (hb) £10.00

Eulogium (Historarum sive Temporis): Chronicon ab orbe condito usque AD Annum Domini M.CCC.LXVI; Frank Scott Haydon, ed.. (hb) £25.00


Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards, trans.
Eyrbyggja Saga. (hb) £15.00

[Fled Bricriu] The Feast ; Randy Lee Eickhoff  (hb) £10.00

La Folie Tristan de Berne, publiée avec commentaire; Ernest Hœpffner, ed. (pb) £3.50

The Four Ps, ?1544, ed. L. M. Clopper. (hb, Malone Society) £9.50

Friar Rush (The Pleasant History of Frier Rush). Willam J. Thoms, ed. (pb) £10.00

Gascon Calendar of 1322; G. P. Cuttino, ed. (hb) £10.00

George A Green, Pindar of the Town of Wakefield. Willam J. Thoms, ed. (pb) £10.00

[Gilte Legend]:
Three Lives from the Gilte Legende, ed. from MS B.L. Egerton 876. Richard Hamer, ed. (pb) £7.00

The Saga of Gisli. trans. George Johnston; apparatus by Peter Foote. (pb) £3.50

The Goodman of Paris: A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by A Citizen of Paris c.1393. Eileen Power, trans. (hb, Folio Soc.) £8.00

Gormont et Isembart: Fragment de chanson de geste du XIIe siècle. Alphonse Bayot, ed. (hb) £15.00

The Gospel according to Thomas. A. Guillaumont, H.-Ch. Puech, G. Quispel, W. Till, and Yassah 'abd al Masih, eds. (hb) £8.00

The Gospel of the Gnostics; Duncan Greenlees, ed. & trans. (hb) £15.00

Graf Rudolf. Peter F. Ganz, ed. (pb) £12.00

The Grey of Ruthin Valor: The Valor of the English Lands of Edmund Grey, Earl of Kent, drawn up from the ministers' accounts of 1467-8. R. I. Jack, ed. (hb) £20.00

Guy of Warwick

W. O. Hassall, ed.
Cartulary of St. Mary Clerkenwell. (hb) £14.50

Hemingby's Register. Helena M. Chew, ed. (hb) £15.00

The High History of the Holy Graal, translated from the Old French. Sebastian Evans, trans. (hb) £10.00

The Hosiers' Play: The Exodus, from the York Cycle; a version in modern English by J. S. Purvis. (pb) £4.50

Hürnen Seyfrid. K. C. King, ed. (hb) £25.00

Ipomadon. Rhiannon Purdie, ed. (hb) £22.00


Katherine of Alexandria: The late Middle English Prose Legend in Southwell Minster MS 7; Saara Nevanlinna and Irma Taavitsainen, eds. (hb) £15.00

The Kebra Nagast [The Queen of Sheba and her only Son Menyelek]; tr. E. A. Wallis Budge. (pb) £8.00

Kniveton Leiger; Avrom Saltman, ed.
The Kniveton Leiger. (hb) £25.00
The Kniveton Leiger. (pb) £10.00

Koka Shastra, Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka, and other Medieval Indian Writings on Love; Alex Comfort, trans. (hb) £5.00

Kyng Alisaundre, Volume II: Introduction, Commentary and Glossary; ed. G. V. Smithers. (hb) £12.50

Lai du Corr, Anglo-Norman Text. C. T. Erickson, ed. (hb) £9.00

Lancelot of the Lake [Lancelot du Lac], trans. Corin Corley; intro. Elspeth Kennedy. (pb) £3.00

The Langley Cartulary Peter Coss, ed.. (hb) £9.00

Laxdaela Saga, trans. Magnusson & Pálsson. (hb, Folio Soc.) £12.00

Lazarillo de Tormes (La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de Sus Fortunas y Adversidades); David Rowland, trans. (pb) £4.00

Leges Saxonum und Lex Thuringorum. Claudius Freiherrn von Schwerin, ed. (hb, MGH series) £15.00

Llyfr Colan, y Gyfraith Gymrieg yn ôl Hanner Cyntaf Llawysgrif Peniarth 30. Dafydd Jenkins, ed. (hb) £12.00

Magna Carta

[Martyrion Ignation]: Paschalis M. Kitromilidis and Charalampos Messis, eds.
Βιοσ 'η Μαρτυριον του εν Αργιοισ Πατροσ Ημων Ιγνατιου. (hb) £12.50

[No author].
A Medieval Christmas. (hb) £5.00

Miracle of Beatrice: A Flemish Legend of c. 1300. Adriaan J. Barnouw, trans. (hb) £14.50

Morte Arthure

Stephen Murray
A Gothic Sermon: Making a Contract with the Mother of God, Saint Mary of Amiens. (hb) £12.50


Oberammergau Passion Play

Old French Crusade Cycle

Our Lady's Tumbler: A XIIth Century Legend from the French; P. H. Wicksteed, trans. (hb) £4.00

The Owl and the Nightingale

Pardoner & the Friar, 1533, ed. G. R. Proudfoot. (hb, Malone Society) £9.50

Parker Chronicle (832-900), 3rd edn.; ed. A. H. Smith. (pb) £6.00

Passio Beatorum Martyrum Etheldredi atque Ethelbricti.

Passion Play of Alsfeld. Winifred Katzin, trans. (pb) £8.00



Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago

Play of Daniel, a 13th-Century Musical Drama; Noah Greenberg, ed.; narration by W. H. Auden. (hb) £25.00

Poema de Mío Cid

The Praier and Complaynte of the Ploweman vnto Christe; Douglas H. Parker, ed.. (hb) £24.00

Quinze Joyes de Mariage; Joan Crow, ed.  (pb) £5.00
The Fifteen Joys of Marriage: A Medieval Satire. Elisabeth Abbott, trans. (hb) £15.00

Roman de la rose

Roman de Laurin, Fils de Marques le Sénéchal; Lewis Thorpe, ed.  (pb) £20.00

The Rule of the Templars: The French Text of the Rule of the Order of the Knights Templar; J. M. Upton-Ward, trans.. (hb) £15.00

Saga of Bjorn, Champion of the Men of Hitardale; Alison Finlay, trans.  (hb) £10.00

The Saga of Hávarður of Ísafjörður; tr. Paul and Dorothy Durrenburger. (hb) £10.00

Sir Ferumbras (The English Charlemagne Romances, Part 1); Sidney J. Herrtage, ed. (hb) £12.00

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Orfeo

The Song of Songs: A 12th-Century Version from ms. 173 of the Bibliothèque Municipale of Le Mans; Cedric E. Pickford, ed.. (hb) £10.00

A Subsidy Roll for the Hundred of Macclesfield A.D. 1610; John T. Driver, ed.. (pb) £5.00

The Táin, translated from the Old Irish Epic Táin Bó Cúailnge. Ciaran Carson, trans. (hb) £10.00

[Togail Bruidne Dá Derga] The Destruction of the Inn ; tr. Randy Lee Eickhoff.  (hb) £8.00

[Tristan & Iseut]
Tristan et Iseult, renouvelé en français moderne d'après les textes des XIIe et XIIIe siècles par René Louis. (pb) £3.00

Tristan "Li Bret"; F. C. Johnson, ed. (hb) £14.50

The Trotula: A Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine; Monica H. Green, ed. & trans. (hb) £20.00

Turpin français, dit le Turpin I. Ronald L. Walpole, ed. (hb) £10.00

Usatges of Barcelona: The Fundamental Law of Catalonia; Donald J. Kagay, trans.  (pb) £15.00

Víga-Glúms Saga, 2nd edn. G. Turville-Petre, ed. (hb) £25.00

The Vitellius Psalter, edited from British Museum MS Cotton Vitellius E. xviii; James L. Rosier, ed.. (hb) £20.00

Rev. John Webb, ed.
A Roll of the Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield, Bishop of Hereford, during part of the years 1289 and 1290. (hb) £25.00

[Winton Domesday]
Winchester in the Early Middle Ages: An Edition and Discussion of the Winton Domesday; Martin Biddle, ed. (hb) £75.00

Ystorya de Carolo Magno, o Lyfr Coch Hergest. Stephen J. Williams, ed. (hb) £12.50

[York Cycle]:
The York Cycle of Mystery Plays: A Shorter Version of the Ancient Cycle. Rev. J. S. Purvis, ed. (hb) £9.00
York Mystery Plays: A Selection in Modern Spelling; eds. Richard Beadle & Pamela King. (pb) £3.50


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