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Reference books are listed on this site in the following subject categories:

General Everything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories below.

Arcane and esoteric, Fortean, occult, unexplained, supernatural… Etc.

Arthurian studies Stories, legends, characters, places, books…

Anglo-Saxon studies  All about the earliest of the English.

Art history Painting, sculpture, galleries, museums, etc.

Bibliographies Books books books.

Biographical dictionaries Who they were and what they did. And sometimes, a little about who made it all up in the first place.

Catalogues: auctions Start tracking down that long-lost manuscript…

Catalogues: exhibitions Exhibitions from the dim and distant past. Many offer unrivalled summaries of their subjects; and of course, they're ideal for idle browsing and unbridled nostalgia.

Catalogues: museums & collections Catalogues for permanent holdings or exhibitions.

Children's books Reference books aimed primarily at a younger audience.

Chronology & dating Interesting things about time. And dates.

Genealogy & heraldry For those intricate family matters.

Guidebooks and gazetteers Where to go and how to get there.

Lexical: concordances, dictionaries & glossaries Words words words.

Literature More words, but better organised.

Local history Books to help local historians find what they're looking for.

Maps & atlases More on where to go and how to get there.

Medievalism What people who mostly aren't dead yet think used to happen before they were born.

Military and warfare For when you don't know what to wear to your next big battle.

Music Who composed what. And so on.

Name & place-name studies What does it all mean…?

Numismatics How to spend it.

Pass notes & study guides Cheat sheets. And one or two more in-depth items.

Religion Mainly Christian, though any available reference books concerning other religions are also included on this page

Books listed on the reference pages are mostly in a format designed purely for checking information or for browsing. Narrative studies are generally not listed here unless they are also designed in some way to be useful as reference books.

Use the scroll bars or the links below to browse other categories of books, mostly listed alphabetically by author or editor. Where a work has multiple authors or editors, the first-named is the one used for listing. If a book does not name any author, it is listed under 'anon'.

See the "book descriptions" page for explanations of the descriptions used in this listing.

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