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Mount Vernon's Big Sit

A striking logo is an integral part of your public face - something you'll use over and again - and medievalbookshop can help you get it right. It can represent anything from an entire corporation and everything it stands for, to a single project, as in this case.

This page shows some work for The Big Sit - a project of the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (MVCC), seeking to raise £50,000 towards new hospital waiting facilities for cancer patients. The spec for the logo asked for something bright and cheery, and suggesting comfort. It also had to show its affiliation to the MVCC itself, so the words 'Mount Vernon' are styled in the department's existing typeface and colour.

Scroll down to look at some samples - click on the thumbnails to look at comments and larger versions of the images.

The standard logo, for print and web use

The first of these is the original design, based on the fonts and colours then in use by MVCC. The second (blue & yellow) shows the current version, amended when MVCC revamped their own branding with new fonts and brighter colours, but retaining the Big Sit's established look & feel.

Sample logo design Sample logo design

MVCC's base covers a very broad demographic - cancer can affect anyone, so the logo needs to be attractive to people of any age, gender, or colour, or indeed any other classification you might care to dream up. The Big Sit's primary function is fundraising, so the logo is intended to take a prominent role in promotional material, rather than just being relegated to odd corners. Its flexible design allows for playful adaptations to suite different occasions.

Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design Sample logo design

Inspirational quotes for charity promotion

These are some early graphics produced for online use, to encourage people to retweet & reblog via social media. The charity is Mount Vernon's Big Sit - you're welcome to retweet and reblog, but please don't delete the logo! you can also add this link to the Big Sit's JustGiving page:

Inspirational quote poster Inspirational quote poster Inspirational quote poster Inspirational quote poster

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