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Secondary sources

Mick Aston
Interpreting the Landscape from the Air. (pb) £8.00
Interpreting the Landscape: Landscape Archaeology in Local Studies. (hb) £30.00
Monasteries. (pb, Know the Landscape series) £9.00

M. W. Beresford
History on the Ground: Studies in Maps & Landscapes. (hb) £15.00

Ian Brown
Discovering a Welsh Landscape: Archaeology in the Clwydian Range. (pb) £10.00

Leonard Cantor
The Changing English Countryside 1400-1700. (hb) £8.00

Cyril Hart
Between Severn (Sæfern) and Wye (Wæge) in the Year 1000: A Prelude to the Norman Forest of Dene In Glowecestscire and Herefordscire. (hb) £14.50

W. G. Hoskins
English Landscapes: How to read the man-made scenery of England. (pb) £2.50
The Making of the English Landscape. (hb) £5.00

Richard Muir
The Lost Villages of Britain. (hb) £6.50
The National Trust Guide to Dark Age and Medieval Britain 400-1350. (hb) £8.00
Shell Guide to Reading the Celtic Landscapes. (hb) £8.50

Oliver Rackham
The History of the Countryside. (pb) £10.00

Christopher Taylor
Fields in the English Landscape. (pb) £11.00

John Timpson
Timpson's Leylines: A Layman Tracking the Leys; photos by Derry Brabbs. (hb) £4.00

Michael Watson and Chris Musson
Shropshire from the Air: Man and the Landscape. (pb) £8.00

S. R. J. Woodell, ed.
The English Landscape, Past, Present and Future. (hb) £4.50

Books & journals containing related material

Surrey Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, Vol. 72 (1980). (pb) £6.00

Yale French Studies: Special issue (1991). Daniel Poirion and Nancy Freeman Regalado, eds. Contexts: Style and Values in Medieval Art and Literature. (pb) £14.50

Graham Ashton
The Realm of King Arthur. (pb) £2.50

M. W. Beresford and J. K. S. St. Joseph
Medieval England: An Aerial Survey; 2nd edn. (hb) £4.00

Derry Brabbs
Abbeys and Monasteries. (hb) £10.00
England's Heritage. (hb) £5.00

Allan H. Bright
New Light on 'Piers Plowman'. (hb) £12.00

R. Allen Brown
Castles from the Air. (hb) £15.00

John Cherry and Ian Longworth, eds.
Archaeology in Britain since 1945. (pb) £10.00

Helen Clarke
The Archaeology of Medieval England. (hb) £15.00

R. A. Croft and D. C. Mynard
A Guide to the Medieval Landscape of Milton Keynes. (pb) £4.00

Michael Dames
Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape. (hb) £7.00
Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape. (pb) £5.00

David Morgan Evans, Peter Salway, David Thackray, eds.
"The Remains of Distant Times": Archaeology and the National Trust. (hb) £40.00

Chris Given-Wilson, ed.
An Illustrated History of Late Medieval England. (hb) £8.00

Evan Hadingham
Circles and Standing Stones. (hb) £3.50

Thomas Hinde, ed.
The Domesday Book: England's Heritage, Now and Then. (hb) £10.00

Michael Jenner
Journeys into Medieval England. (hb) £8.00

Martin Jones
England Before Domesday. (hb) £10.00

Henry Lincoln
The Holy Place: The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château - Discovering the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World. (hb) £6.50
The Holy Place: Decoding the Mystery of Rennes-Le-Château. (pb, 2005 reissue) £6.50
The Holy Place: The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château - Discovering the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World. (pb) £5.00

Ian Longworth and John Cherry, eds.
Archaeology in Britain since 1945. (pb) £10.00

W. S. Merwin
The Mays of Ventadorn. (hb) £6.50

G. E. Mingay
A Social History of the English Countryside. (hb) £15.00

Robert M. Newcomb
Planning the Past: Historical Landscape Resources and Recreation. (hb) £7.50

Seán P. Ó Ríordáin
Antiquities of the Irish Countryside, 4th edn. (pb) £2.50

Carlo Pedretti/Jane Roberts
Leonardo da Vinci: Nature Studies from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle / The Codex Hammer formerly the Codex Leicester. (pb) £20.00 for 2-vol set

Nigel Pennick
Celtic Sacred Landscapes. (pb) £5.00
Geomancy. (pb) £8.00

Henri Queffélec, photographs by Vincent Robert
Bretagne. (hb) £4.50

Trevor Rowley and John Wood
Deserted Villages, 2nd edn. (pb) £2.50

Myra Shackley
Using Environmental Archaeology. (hb) £12.00

Mick Sharp
The Way and the Light: An Illustrated Guide to the Saints and Holy Places of Britain. (pb) £8.50

David & Fiona Sturdy
Historic Monuments of England & Wales. (hb) £4.00.

Danny Sullivan
Leys. (hb) £6.00

Paul Warde
Ecology, Economy and State Formation in Early Modern Germany. (hb) £35.00

This page lists books about Medieval landscape, countryside and ecology that are currently in stock. By the nature of the subject, many of these books cover a broad chronological scope, though most include some specifically medieval material.

See the "book descriptions" page for explanations of the descriptions used in this listing.

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