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The small print
Payment methods

To avoid disappointment, please confirm availability and the total amount of your order and postage costs before sending any form of payment.

Credit cards

Medievalbookshop does not have any facility to process credit cards, so please do not send your card details, whether by email or otherwise. You can find advice about online security at

The cheapest and most convenient method is usually to use Paypal (see below).

If you are unable to use Paypal, or do not wish to, it is often possible to load items onto the website. This will enable you to pay by credit card, but you should note that your order will be more expensive, as Amazon charges a commission for providing this service. They also charge a flat rate for postage, which can be more expensive for smaller items. Please note that this option is not available for some titles (but please feel welcome to enquire!)


You can use PayPal's secure payment facilities to send a money transfer or to pay by credit card. If you pay by credit card, your order must be sent to the cardholder's registered address. Using PayPal involves a third‑party transaction, and is subject to the terms and conditions listed on the PayPal website. No extra cost is added to your order for using PayPal.

You should make your payment in sterling (GB Pounds) - Paypal will debit your card in the currency of your choice, using an automatic conversion at that day's exchange rate.

Please do not send your credit card details to medievalbookshop by email or conventional mail - use PayPal's secure online facilities.

Cash and postal orders

Cash and open postal orders should never be sent by ordinary post, though you may wish to send them by registered delivery.

In the UK

You can send personal cheques in sterling drawn on a UK bank account.

Alternatively, you can buy a postal order from any post office - when buying them, make sure they are crossed and made "account payee only". Postal orders are sold in fixed amounts, but they can be made up to any intermediate amount by adding postage stamps to them (ask for details at the post office when you buy them).

Outside the UK

Customers with a UK bank account can send a sterling cheque. If you don't have a UK bank account, PayPal is the cheapest method. However, the following alternatives are available if you prefer:

If you have an account with a non‑UK bank you can ask them to issue a sterling draft. A currency charge will be payable when you buy this, but you can usually shop around: they should be available from most currency dealers.

Many countries will also issue postal orders in sterling - you should make sure these are made out to "account payee only".

Personal cheques in currencies other than sterling (GBP) are acceptable, but:

  • a) there will be a currency conversion charge of 10.00 GB Pounds;
  • b) cheques drawn on a non‑UK bank take extra time to clear (the period can be up to 8 weeks, depending on your own bank's location).

Some small print stuff

You may wish to note the following items from medievalbookshop's terms and conditions page:

Currency. medievalbookshop quotes all prices in sterling - other currencies can be accepted, but customers may have to meet any extra banking or other charges if they arise. Any such costs will be included in the total price when your reservation is confirmed. You then have the option to confirm or cancel your order - see the "How to order" pages. Currency conversions are obtained from when your order price is calculated and may differ from any conversion you perform yourself; a fresh conversion will be made if you amend or make a new reservation. You will be told the conversion rate at which your order has been calculated and this rate will be used for any other conversions relating to the same order.

Should a refund be necessary, and except where the book is not as described or was damaged in the post, if you choose any currency other than sterling, any banking charges will be deducted from the amount of the refund.

Customs duties and  local taxes. medievalbookshop is not currently V.A.T. registered, as books are zero-rated for V.A.T. in the United Kingdom. Goods are supplied on the understanding that the customer will meet in full any V.A.T. or other duties or taxes that might arise, and that the customer indemnifies medievalbookshop against any demand whatsoever for any duties or taxes in any form that might arise.

You may have seen announcements that online sales to countries outside the European Community will attract V.A.T. in the future. It is not currently clear if this will affect medievalbookshop but details will be posted here once they are known.

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