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Thomas Aquinas
Selected Political Writings; ed. A. P. d'Entreves. (hb) £7.00

St. Augustine
The Political Writings. Henry Paolucci, ed. (pb) £5.00

Ernest Barker, trans.
From Alexander to Constantine: Social and Political Ideas 336 BC - AD 337. (hb) £10.00

Dante Alighieri
On World-Government, or, De Monarchia, 2nd edn.; trans. Herbert W. Schneider. (pb) £3.00

Jean-Philippe Genet, ed.
Four English Political Tracts of the Later Middle Ages. (hb) £10.00

Thomas Starkey
A Dialogue between Pole and Lupset; ed. T. F. Mayer. (hb) £8.00

Secondary sources

Norman H. Baynes
The Political Ideas of St. Augustine's De Civitate Dei. (pb) £4.00

Constantin Fasolt
Council and Hierarchy: The Political Thought of Willam Durant the Younger. (hb) £30.00

Alan Gewirth
Marsilius of Padua, Defender of Peace, Vol. 1: Marsilius of Padua and Medieval Political Philosophy. (hb) £35.00

Robert M. Hutchins
St. Thomas and the World State. (hb) £7.00

Peter Iver Kaufman
Redeeming Politics. (pb) £5.00

Garrett Mattingly
Renaissance Diplomacy. (pb) £4.50

John B. Morrall
Political Thought in Medieval Times, 2nd edn. (hb) £8.50

Walter Ullmann
Medieval Political Thought. (pb) £4.00

Books & journals containing related material

History: Journal of the Historical Association, Vol. 65, No. 213 (Feb. 1980). (pb) £2.00
History: Journal of the Historical Association, Vol. 71, No. 232 (June 1986). (pb) £2.00
History: Journal of the Historical Association, Vol. 76, No. 246 (Feb. 1991). (pb) £2.50

Medievalia et Humanistica, new series No. 2 (1971). Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Review, ed. Paul Maurice Clogan. (hb) £10.00
Medievalia et Humanistica, New Series No. 15 (1987): The Early Renaissance. (hb) £11.00

Past and Present: Journal of Historical Studies, No. 57 (Nov. 1972). (pb) £3.00
Past and Present: Journal of Historical Studies, No. 60 (Aug. 1973). (pb) £3.00

Studies in Medievalism, Vol. VIII (1996): Medievalism in Europe II; eds. Leslie J. Workman and Kathleen Verduin. (hb) £25.00

Thirteenth-Century England IX: Proceedings of the Durham Conference 2001. Michael Prestwich, Richard Britnell, Robin Frame, eds. (hb) £20.00

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 5th series, Vol. 40 (1990). (hb) £4.00
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 6th series, Vol. 3 (1993). (hb) £4.00

Michael Altschul, comp.
Bibliographical Handbooks: Anglo-Norman England 1066-1154. (hb) £8.00

Ian W. Archer, ed., et al
Religion, Politics, and Society in Sixteenth-Century England. (hb) £25.00

Ross Balzaretti
The Politics of Property in Ninth-Century Milan: Familial Motives and Monastic Strategies in the Village of Inzago. (pb) £6.00

Richard Barber
The Knight and Chivalry; 2nd edn. (pb) £2.50

Geoffrey Barraclough
(ed.) Eastern and Western Europe in the Middle Ages. (pb) £4.50
The Mediaeval Empire: Idea and Reality. (pb) £2.00

David J. Bernstein
The Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry. (hb) £10.00

Hugh Bicheno
Vendetta: High Art and Low Cunning at the Birth of the Renaissance. (pb) £6.50

Peter Biller
The Measure of Multitude: Population in Medieval Thought. (pb) £17.00

J. Douglas Canfield
Word as Bond in English Literature from the Middle Ages to the Restoration. (hb) £16.00

Charles H. Carter, ed.
From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation: Essays in honour of Garrett Mattingly. (hb) £9.50

Rita Copeland
Pedagogy, Intellectuals, and Dissent in the Later Middle Ages: Lollardy and Ideas of Learning. (hb) £20.00

D. C. Cousins
English History in Forms of Essays: Political and Constitutional 1066-1688. (hb) £9.50

C. G. Crump and E. F. Jacob, eds.
The Legacy of the Middle Ages. (hb) £6.00

Joseph Dahmus
The Middle Ages: A Popular History. (hb) £4.50

Stevie Davies, ed.
Renaissance Views of Man. (hb) £6.00

Trevor Dean, trans.
The Towns of Italy in the Later Middle Ages. (pb) £8.50

Sheila Delany
Medieval Literary Politics: Shapes of ideology.  (pb) £8.00 

R. B. Dobson, ed.
The Church, Politics and Patronage in the Fifteenth Century. (hb) £20.00

David C. Douglas
William the Conqueror: The Norman Impact upon England. (pb) £6.00

Richard Eales and David Sullivan, eds.
The Political Context of Law: the 7th British Legal History Conference, 1985. (hb) £5.00

Thelma Fenster and Daniel Lord Smail, eds.
Fama: The Politics of Talk and Reputation in Medieval Europe. (pb) £8.50

George Bingham Fowler
Intellectual Interests of Engelbert of Admont. (hb) £20.00

Levi Fox, ed.
English Historical Scholarship in the 16th & 17th Centuries: Conference to Commemorate Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire. (hb) £10.00

Patrick J. Geary
Phantoms of Remembrance: Memory and Oblivion at the End of the First Millennium. (hb) £24.50

Chris Given-Wilson, ed.
An Illustrated History of Late Medieval England. (hb) £8.00

R. B. Goheen
Peasant politics? Village community and the crown in fifteenth-century England.£3.50

Douglas Gray, ed.
The Oxford Book of Late Medieval Verse and Prose. (hb) £8.50

John Hale, Roger Highfield & Beryl Smalley, eds
Europe in the Late Middle Ages. (pb) £10.00

Christopher Haigh
Elizabeth I. (hb) £20.00

Elizabeth M. Hallam
Capetian France 987-1328. (pb) £7.50

D. Thomas Hanks Jr and Jessica G. Brogdon, eds.
The Social and Literary Contexts of Malory's Morte Darthur. (hb) £30.00

Kirsten Hastrup, ed.
Other Histories. (pb) £12.00

Denys Hay
The Italian Renaissance in its Historical Background: Wiles Lectures, 1960. (hb) £6.00

Michael W. Higgins
Stalking the Holy: The Pursuit of Saint Making. (hb) £10.00

Geoffrey Hindley
A Brief History of the Crusades. (pb) £3.00

J. Huizinga
The Waning of the Middle Ages: A Study of the Forms of Life, Thought, and Art in France and the Netherlands in the 14th & 15th Centuries. (pb) £1.50

Cathy Jorgensen Itnyre, ed.
Medieval Family Roles: A Book of Essays. (pb) £17.00

E. F. Jacob
Essays in the Conciliar Epoch. (hb) £3.00

Meryl Jancey, ed.
St. Thomas Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford: Essays in his Honour. (pb) £6.00

Lisa Jardine
The Awful End of Prince William the Silent: The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Handgun. (hb) £3.00

J. E. A. Jolliffe
The Constitutional History of Medieval England, from the English Settlement to 1485, 2nd edn. (hb) £9.00

Terry Jones
(w/ Robert Yeager, Terry Dolan, Alan Fletcher, Juliette Dor): Who Murdered Chaucer? A Medieval Mystery. (hb) £6.00

M. H. Keen
England in the Later Middle Ages: A Political History. (hb) £5.00

Rosemary Kegl
The Rhetoric of Concealment: Figuring Gender and Class in Renaissance Literature. (hb) £10.00

M. S. Kempshall
The Common Good in Late Medieval Political Thought. (hb) £65.00

Ruth Ellen Kinna
William Morris: The Art of Socialism. (hb) £12.00

Konrad von Megenberg
Planctus Ecclesiae in Germaniam; ed. Scholz. (pb) £25.00

Carole Levin
The Heart & Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I & the Politics of Sex & Power. (pb) £8.50

Christopher Lloyd and Simon Thurley
Henry VIII: Images of a Tudor King. (pb) £5.00

David Loades
Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court 1547-1558. (hb) £11.50

Colin McEvedy
The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History. (pb) £4.00

Angus Mackay, with David Ditchburn, eds.
Atlas of Medieval Europe. (hb) £15.00

Piero Morpurgo
Filosofia della natura nella schola Salernitana del secolo XII. (pb) £20.00

Michael Mullett
Luther. (pb) £4.00

Brian Murdoch
The Germanic Hero: Politics and Pragmatism in Early Medieval Poetry. (hb) £10.00

A. Victor Murray
Abelard and St. Bernard: A Study in Twelfth Century 'Modernism'. (hb) £25.00

Lawrence Nees
A Tainted Mantle: Hercules and the Classical Tradition at the Carolingian Court. (hb) £15.00

Janet L. Nelson
Charles the Bald. (hb) £30.00

William Nelson
(ed.): Twentieth Century Interpretations of Utopia. (pb) £9.00

Ruth Nisse
Defining Acts: Drama and the Politics of Interpretation in Late Medieval England. (pb) £9.00

Diana Norman
Siena and the Virgin: Art and Politics in a Late Medieval City State. (hb) £22.00

Francis Oakley
The Crucial Centuries: The Mediaeval Experience. (hb) £6.00

J. Basil Oldham
The Renaissance. (hb) £4.50

Elaine Pagels
The Gnostic Gospels. (hb) £6.50

Piccolomini (Pius II)
Secret Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope: The Commentaries of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, Pius II; an abridgment; trans. Florence A. Gragg, ed. Leona C. Gabel. (hb, Folio Soc.) £15.00

Henri Pirenne
Early Democracies in the Low Countries: Urban Society and Political Conflict in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. (pb) £5.00

James Plumptre
Observations on Hamlet; and on the motives which most probably induced Shakespeare to fix upon the story of Amleth, from the Danish Chronicle of Saxo Grammaticus, for the plot of that tragedy: being an attempt to prove that he designed it as an indirect censure of Mary Queen of Scots. (hb) £20.00

A. J. Pollard, ed.
Property and Politics: Essays in Later Medieval English History. (hb) £10.00

James M. Powell, ed.
Innocent III: Vicar of Christ or Lord of the World? (hb) £7.50

Raluca L. Radalescu
The Gentry Context for Malory's Morte Darthur. (hb) £14.50

Susan Reynolds
An Introduction to the History of English Medieval Towns. (hb) £9.00

Felicity Riddy, ed.
Prestige, Authority and Power in Late-Medieval Manuscripts and Texts. (hb) £27.50

Barbara H. Rosenwein
Negotiating Space: Power, Restraint, and Privileges of Immunity in Early Medieval Europe. (pb) £20.00

Conrad Rudolph
Violence and Daily Life: Reading, Art and Polemics in the Cîteaux Moralia in Job. (hb) £12.50

David Rundle, gen. ed.
The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. (pb) £9.50

Nigel Saul
(ed.) The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England. (hb) £18.50

Corinne Saunders, ed.
A Concise Companion to Chaucer. (pb) £12.00

V. J. Scattergood
Politics and Poetry in the Fifteenth Century. (hb) £12.50

Gordon J. Schochet, with Patricia E. Tatspaugh and Carol Brobeck, eds
Reformation, Humanism & "Revolution": Papers Presented at the Folger Institute Seminar "Political Thought in the Henrician Age, 1500-1550", dir. John Guy. (pb) £20.00

Clare A. Simmons, ed.
Medievalism and the Quest for the "Real" Middle Ages. (hb) £45.00

Alfred P. Smyth, ed.
Medieval Europeans: Studies in Ethnic Identity and National Perspectives in Medieval Europe. (pb) £14.50

Julia M. H. Smith
Europe after Rome: A New Cultural History 500-1000. (hb) £16.50

Doris M. Stenton
King John and the Courts of Justice. (pb) £7.00

Joseph Reese Strayer
Medieval Statecraft and the Perspectives of History: Essays. (hb) £20.00

Richard E. Sullivan, ed.
"The Gentle Voices of Teachers": Aspects of Learning in the Carolingian Age. (pb) £10.00

Bertrand Taithe & Tim Thornton, eds.
Prophecy: The Power of Inspired Language in History 1300-2000. (pb) £6.50

Jenny Teichman
Pacifism and the Just War: A Study in Applied Philosophy. (hb) £12.00

Sylvia L. Thrupp
Society and History: Essays; eds. Raymond Grew & Nicholas H. Steneck. (hb) £20.00

R. F. Treharne
Essays on Thirteenth-Century England. (pb) £3.00
Simon de Montfort and Baronial Reform: Thirteenth Century Essays. (hb) £25.00

Sir Roger Twysden
Certaine Considerations upon the Government of England; ed. John Mitchell Kemble. (hb) £14.00

Walter Ullmann
Medieval Foundations of Renaissance Humanism. (hb) £10.00

Nicholas Underhill
The Lord Chancellor. (hb) £4.00

Paul Warde
Ecology, Economy and State formation in Early Modern Germany. (hb) £35.00

W. Montgomery Watt
A History of Islamic Spain. (hb) £15.00

C. V. Wedgwood
William the Silent. (pb) £2.50

William H. Werkmeister, ed.
Facets of the Renaissance. (pb) £12.50

Tom Williamson
The Origins of Hertfordshire. (hb) £14.00

R. M. Wilson
The Lost Literature of Medieval England; 2nd edn. (pb) £12.00

Marion Wynn-Davies, ed.
The Renaissance, From 1500 to 1660. (pb) £3.50

Charles Yeats, ed.
A Christian Heritage: A collection of addresses in honour of the 900th anniversary of Durham Cathedral. (pb) £8.50

Hillay Zmora
State and Nobility in Early Modern Germany: The Knightly Feud in Franconia 1440-1567. (hb) £20.00

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