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[No Author].
Camden Miscellany Vol. XXIV. (hb) £4.50

Adam Murimuth
Adami Murimuthensis Chronica sui temporis nunc primum per decem annos aucta (M.CCC.III. - M.CCC.XLVI.) cum eorundem continuatione (AD M.CCC.LXXX) a quodam anonymo, ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum edidit et recensuit Thomas Hog. (hb) £45.00

Fleur Adcock
The Virgin and the Nightingale: Medieval Latin Poems. (pb) £3.00

Thomas Aquinas
Summa theologica, editio altera romana ad emendatiores editiones impressa et noviter accuratissime recognita (hb, 6 volumes bound as 5). £50.00

Morris S. Arnold, ed.
Select Cases of Trespass from the King's Courts 1307-1399. (hb) £60.00 for 2-vol set

Avit de Vienne
Éloge consolatoire de la chasteté (sur la virginité); ed. Nicole Hecquet-Noti. (pb) £12.00

Alice Beardwood, ed.
Records of the Trial of Walter Langeton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1307-1312. (hb) £8.00

Ecclesiastical History: Book III, Text. (pb) £3.00

Bernard de Clairvaux
S. Bernardi Abbatis Primi Claræ-Vallensis Opera Omnia, Vol. 1; ed. D. Joannis Mabillon. (hb) £15.00
S. Bernardi Abbatis Primi Claræ-Vallensis Opera Omnia, Vol. 2, parts 2 & 3; ed. D. Joannis Mabillon. (hb) £15.00
S. Bernardi Abbatis Primi Claræ-Vallensis Opera Omnia, Vol. 4, part 1; ed. D. Joannis Mabillon. (hb) £15.00
S. Bernardi Abbatis Primi Claræ-Vallensis Opera Omnia, Vol. 6; ed. D. Joannis Mabillon. (hb) £15.00

Albertus de Bezanis; Oswald Holder-Egger, ed.
Alberti de Bezanis Abbatis S. Laurentii Cremonensis Cronica Pontificum et Imperatorum. (hb) £15.00

Ludovic Billot, SJ
De Virtutibus Infusis: commentarius in secundem partem S. Thomae. (hb) £10.00

Thomas Brinton
The Sermons of Thomas Brinton, Bishop of Rochester (1373-1389). (hb) £30.00 for two-vol set

Maria Teresa Brolis, Giovanni Brembilla, Micaela Corato, eds.
La matricola femminile della Misericordia di Bergamo (1265-1339). (pb) £12.00

Bruno; ed. W. Wattenbach.
Brunonis De Bello Saxonico Liber, editio altera. (hb, MGH series) £15.00

John Calvin
Defensio Sanae et Orthodoxae Doctrinae de Servitute et Literatione Humani Arbitrii; ed. Anthony N. S. Lane. (hb) £65.00

Carmen de Gestis Frederici I. Imperatoris in Lombardia.
Irene Schmale-Ott, ed. (hb) £25.00

Centre Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium
Hermannus Werdinensis: Hortus Deliciarum, Instrumenta Lexicologica Latina. (pb) £25.00

Maria Chiabò and Luciana Roberti, eds.
Index Verborum Hygini de Astronomia. (hb) £15.00

Chronicon Moguntinum.
Carolus Hegel, ed. (hb) £15.00

John P. Collas and Sir William S. Holdsworth, eds.
Year Books of Edward II: 11 Edward II, AD 1317-1318. (hb) £30.00

Alberto Colunga and Lorentio Turrado, eds.
Biblia Vulgata: Biblia Sacra iuxta Vulgatam Clementinam; 5th edn. (hb) £10.00

G. P. Cuttino, ed.
The Gascon Calendar of 1322. (hb) £10.00

William Dalison
The Reports of William Dalison 1552-1558; Sir John Baker, ed. (hb) £25.00

Domesday Book

T. A. Dorey and Allison Leon, eds.
The Norman Kings. (hb) £5.00

G. R. Elvey, ed.
Luffield Priory Charters. (hb, 2 vols.) £7.00

Fausto di Riez; ed. Marino Neri
Dio, l'anima e l'uomo: L'epistolario di Fausto di Riez. (pb) £12.00

C. L. Feltoe and Ellis H. Minns, eds.
Vetus Liber Archidiaconi Eliensis. (pb) £30.00

Marsilio Ficino
Platonic Theology: Volume 5, Books XV-XVI; ed. James Hankins & William Bowen; tr. Michael J. B. Allen. (hb) £11.00

Jean-Philippe Genet, ed.
Four English Political Tracts of the Later Middle Ages. (hb) £10.00

Fridericus Guilelmus Gesenius
De Lingua Chauceri Commentationem Grammaticam. (hb) £14.50

Primo Griguolo and Donato Gallo, eds.
I cartulari di S. Pietro in Maone presso rovigo (sec. XII-XV). (hb) £25.00

W. O. Hassall, ed.
Cartulary of St. Mary Clerkenwell. (hb) £14.50

[Jocelin of Brakelond]
Chronica Jocelini de Brakelonda, de rebus gestis Samsonis Abbatis Monasterii Sancti Edmundi, nunc primum typis mandata; ed. John Gage Rokewode. (hb) £7.00

N. R. Ker
Records of All Souls Library 1437-1600. (hb) £7.00

Richard Knapwell
Quaestio Disputata De Unitate Formae: A Critical Edition; ed. Francis E. Kelley. (pb) £5.00

Konrad von Megenberg
Planctus Ecclesiae in Germaniam; ed. Scholz. (pb) £25.00

Peter M. Lefferts, ed.
Robertus de Handlo, Regule/The Rules, and Johannes Hanboys, Summa/The Summa: A new critical text and translation. (hb) £20.00

W. T. Mellows and P. I. King, eds.
The Book of William Morton, Almoner of Peterborough Monastery 1448-1467; intro. C. N. L. Brooke. (hb) £12.00

Nortbert; Henricus Bresslau, ed.
Vita Bennonis II. Episcopi Osnabrugensis Auctore Nortberto Abbate Iburgensi. (hb) £15.00

[Notker Labeo, attrib.]
The St. Gall Tractate: A Medieval Guide to Rhetorical Syntax; Anna A. Grotans and David W. Porter, eds. (hb) £15.00

Ovid: Selections from the Poems; ed. John Hazel. (pb) £6.00

Paolo Diacono [Paul the Deacon]
Storia dei Longobardi [Historia Langobardorum]; tr. Antonio Zanella. (pb) £4.50

Paul of Venice
Logica Magna, Prima Pars: Tractatus de Scire et Dubitare; ed. & trans. Patricia Clarke. (hb) £25.00

Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago

Michael Prestwich, ed.
Documents Illustrating the Crisis of 1297-98 in England. (hb) £6.50

Ralph B. Pugh, ed.
Court Rolls of the Wiltshire Manors of Adam de Stratton. (hb) £12.00

Ralph of Hengham
Radulphi de Hengham Summae; ed. W. H. Dunham, Jr. (pb) £8.00

Rosalind Ransford, ed.
The Early Charters of Waltham Abbey, 1062-1230. (hb) £30.00

Natale Rauty, ed.
Statuti Pistoiesi del Secolo XII: Breve dei Consoli (1140-1180); Statuto del Podestà (1162-1180). (pb) £11.00

Avrom Saltman, ed.
The Kniveton Leiger. (hb) £25.00
The Kniveton Leiger. (pb) £10.00

Jane E. Sayers
Original Papal Documents in England and Wales from the Accession of Pope Innocent III to the Death of Pope Benedict XI (1198-1304). (hb) £75.00

Joseph Stevenson, ed.
The Gospel according to S. Matthew: The Lindisfarne & Rushworth Gospels. (hb) £15.00

William Stubbs, ed.; rev. H. W. C. Davis.
Select Charters and Other Illustrations of English Constitutional History from the Earliest Times to the Reign of Edward the First, 9th edition. (hb) £7.00

Suger of St- Denys
Sugerii Abbatis S. Dionysii Opuscula et Epistolae; ed. J.-P. Migne. (hb) £15.00

William P. Stoneman, ed.
Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, 5: Dover Priory. (hb) £35.00

"Thomas of Eccleston"
Fratris Thomae vulgo dicti de Eccleston Tractatus de Advento Fratrum Minorum in Angliam; ed. A. G. Little. (hb) £25.00

A. Hamilton Thompson, ed; text prepared by J. Meade Faulkner
The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Durham, with other documents relating to its foundation and endowment. (hb) £25.00

Tres Indices Expurgatorios de la Inquisicion Española en el Siglo XVI: salen nuevamente a luz reproducidos en facsimil por acuerdo de la Real Academia Española. (pb) £30.00

R. C. van Caenegem, ed.
English Lawsuits from William I to Richard I: Volume II, Henry II and Richard I (Nos. 347-665). (hb) £45.00

Claudius Freiherrn von Schwerin, ed.
Leges Saxonum und Lex Thuringorum. (hb, MGH series) £15.00

Rev. John Webb, ed.
A Roll of the Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield, Bishop of Hereford, during part of the years 1289 and 1290. (hb) £25.00

T. Webber and A. G. Watson, eds.
The Libraries of the Augustinian Canons. (hb) £35.00

Johannis Wyclif
Summa insolubilium; eds. Paul Vincent Spade & Gordon Anthony Wilson. (hb) £7.00

Most of the books on this page contain literary texts that are given in Latin but with editorial apparatus in another language (in most cases, English). It also lists any books in stock that are presented entirely in Latin.

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