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Sources of History: Studies in the use of Historical Evidence series

Secondary sources

R. F. Atkinson
Knowledge and Explanation in History: An Introduction to the Philosophy of History. (pb) £4.50

J. J. Bagley
Historical Interpretations: Vol. One, Sources of English Medieval History, 1066-1540. (hb) £9.50

Harry Elmer Barnes
A History of Historical Writing, 2nd edn. (pb) £5.00

Pamela Brooks
How to Research Local History. (pb) £5.00

W. H. Burston and D. Thompson, eds.
Studies in the Nature & Teaching of History. (hb) £5.00

E. H. Carr
What is History? (pb) £2.00

G. G. Coulton
Some Problems in Medieval Historiography. (pb) £6.50

H. P. R. Finberg
The Local Historian and his Theme: An Introductory Lecture. (pb) £10.00

John Fines
Reading Historical Documents: A Manual for Students. (pb) £4.50

Roderick Floud
An Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Historians. (pb) £3.00

Levi Fox, ed.
English Historical Scholarship in the 16th & 17th Centuries: Conference to Commemorate Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire. (hb) £10.00

V. H. Galbraith
The Historian at Work. (pb) £6.00
An Introduction to the Use of the Public Records. (hb) £5.00

Juliet Gardiner, ed.
The History Debate. (pb) £7.00

Kenneth Harrison
The Framework of Anglo-Saxon History to AD 900. (hb) £25.00

P. D. A. Harvey
Editing Historical Records. (hb) £14.50

Kirsten Hastrup, ed.
Other Histories. (pb) £12.00

J. H. Hexter
Reappraisals in History. (pb) £4.00

Christopher Holdsworth and T. P. Wiseman, eds
The Inheritance of Historiography, 350-900. (pb) £8.00

T. H. Hollingsworth
Historical Demography. (pb) £12.00

W. G. Hoskins
Local History in England, 3rd edn. (hb) £15.00

David Knowles
The Historian and Character: Inaugural Lecture delivered at Cambridge, 17 November 1954. (pb) £2.00

Jacques Le Goff
Histoire et mémoire. (pb) £3.00

Steven Levi
Use History Like a Tool: An Unconventional Guide to Reading the Past and Managing the Future. (pb) £14.50

Karl Leyser
The Ascent of Latin Europe: An Inaugural Lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 7 November 1984. (pb) £10.00

Peter Mandler
History and National Life. (hb) £6.50

R. L. P. Milburn
Early Christian Interpretations of History. (pb) £8.00

Neville Morley
Writing Ancient History. (pb) £6.00

Michelle Perrot, ed.
Writing Women's History. (pb) £9.00

Joaquín Martínez Pizarro
A Rhetoric of the Scene: Dramatic Narrative in the Early Middle Ages. (hb) £10.00

M. M. Postan
Fact and Relevance: Essays on Historical Method. (hb) £12.00

Marjorie Reeves
Why History? (pb) £7.00

David Thomson
The Aims of History: Values of the Historical Attitude. (hb) £4.00

G. M. Trevelyan
History and the Reader. (hb) £2.50

Michael A. Williams
Researching Local History: The Human Journey. (pb) £8.50

Books & journals containing related material

Early Medieval Europe. Vol. 5, No. 2 (1996). (pb) £7.50

History: Journal of the Historical Association, Vol. 71, No. 231 (February 1986). (pb) £2.00

Christopher Allmand, ed.
War, Government and Power in Late Medieval France. (pb) £10.00

Fuad Baali
Society, State, and Urbanism: Ibn Khaldun's Sociological Thought. (hb) £20.00

Geoffrey Barraclough
History in a Changing World. (hb) £6.00

Marilyn Corrie, ed.
A Concise Companion to Middle English Literature. (hb) £12.00

Robert Cowley, ed.
More What If? Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been. (pb) £2.50

Hilda Ellis Davidson
Patterns of Folklore. (hb) £10.00

H. W. C. Davis, ed.
Essays in History presented to Reginald Lane Poole. (hb) £16.00

Robert Dunning
Local History for Beginners. (hb) £3.00

Dom David Knowles
The Historian and Character, & Other Essays. (hb) £15.00

Jacques Le Goff
A la recherche du Moyen Age. (pb) £8.50

Leah Shopkow
History and Community: Norman Historical Writing in the 11th & 12th Centuries. (pb) £9.00

William Stubbs
Seventeen Lectures on the Study of Mediaeval and Modern History and kindred subjects. (hb) £7.00

R. C. Van Caenegem
History of law, History, The Low Countries and Europe. (hb) £8.00

C. V. Wedgwood
Velvet Studies. (hb) £4.50

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