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Clearance sale
December 2018

Sale ending this month

Medievalbookshop's mighty clearance sale will finally draw to a close in December 2018. The listings pages will gradually be deleted, but while that happens sale discounts will apply to any remaining stock.

The bookselling site will be relaunched in January 2019 on a more limited basis. Stock will be repriced and sale discounts will no longer apply.

The bookselling side of Medievalbookshop is closing for business in order to build up the design & typesetting side. The book listings have stayed online in order to clear stock. The prices shown throughout the site are the full rates, so please apply the discounts shown below to work out the actual sale price: the discounts apply to all remaining stock, but will cease to apply after December 2018. Please note: 'rainchecks' or other reservations at these discounts will not apply after December 2018.

It has not been possible to keep the book listings fully updated, so some items listed on the site have now been sold. Please get in touch to confirm availability and cost before sending your payment: no obligation, and you're welcome to adjust your order before confirming (use the contact link at the top of this page). Unfortunately orders can no longer be accepted from outside Europe, but during this month orders for delivery within Europe are welcome.

Use the scroll bars and links at the bottom of the page to browse stock, or browse the subject index and search box at top to find specific items.

All prices are subject to discount as follows (with apologies for the inconsistency):

The normal ordering process applies - send an email in the first instance to reserve your book(s) and confirm costs. For full details click here.

Please note: no formal closing date has been set, but no further notice will be given other than that posted here.

Examples - How do I work out the prices?

Medievalbookshop's pricing policy evolved a bit over the years, and the inconsistencies on the remaining stock pages reflect this. You're always welcome to make a no‑obligation enquiry to confirm - use the contact link at the top of this page. For example, the discount on a single item priced at £5.00 would work out as follows:

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